General terms of delivery and payment

Stand: 09/2016

I. General

1. Valid area: Our delivery and payment conditions are an integral part of all of our offers and contracts. They are valid according to current business connections with companies, as well as for future contracts, no matter how these come about. General business conditions from the buyer's side gain no recognition even when these are sent to us and we have not expressly contradicted them.

2. Offer: Our offers are subject to confirmation, taking into account price, amount, time of 
delivery and delivery possibility. Dimensions, weights, illustrations and pictures in our catalogues, brochures, price lists and other printed matters as well as special offers are approximations. Variations are permissible as long as they do not exceed perimeters usual in the trade. Small discrepancies in format, colour, material and design etc. are sometimes unavoidable. We have the right to rectify evident miscalculations or errors in price offers and respectively identification of goods.

3. Industrial property rights, tools, non-disclosure: We reserve the property and all commercial protection and copyright for provided forms, models, illustrations, technical information, calculations and offers made available by us. The customer may use them only in the agreed way. He must not produce, or have produced by another company, the objects of agreement without our written approval. Once we have delivered the finished goods following the customer's sketches, models and samples, he is liable so that industrial property rights and other rights of a third party are not injured upon fabrication and delivery. Damages resulting from all such infringements must be compensated for by the customer. All nonpatent know- ledge, resulting from business contacts with our company, must be treated by the customer regarding a third party, as classified.

4. Data protection: Data necessary for a business relationship will be stored in our da- ta processing system as far as this is allowed in line with the Federal Data Protection Act.

5. Deliveries abroad: Articles requiring any explanations will be delivered with an instruction manual in German, mostly also in English and partly in other languages. Sellers wor­king outside the German-speaking countries have to supply independently an instruction manual for the distribution of products that need explanation in the valid, official state language of that country, in case that those are not included in our delivery. Our products are placed on the market in Germany and are produced according to German regulations. If you eed products according to deviant, country-specific regulations, please advise before placing your order.

6. Electronic waste: The electronic devices put into circulation on the German market by us are registered at the company EAR. The disposal fees for Germany are paid by us. If, due to the WEEE-Directive, registration and payment of fees are necessary outside of Germany, the importer is responsible for taking care of this.


II. Order acceptance

1. Conclusion of a contract: The contract comes about with our order acceptance orally, by telephone, in writing, by fax or by e-mail. A written confirmation follows only after the customer's expressed wish to do so. If our offer preceded the placing of an order, the contract will come about following the placing of the order without the need for any further written confirmation on our part.

2. Prices: All prices are calculated in the stated currency according to the contract, ex our warehouse, without packaging, without transport insurance, plus VAT. We are authorized to invoice valid prices on the day of delivery. This is valid in particular for deliveries, which should be carried out four months or later after the conclusion of a contract.

3. Special designs: Excess or short deliveries up to 10 % cannot be objected to. Redemption of goods is impossible.

III. Delivery and transport

1. Delivery: Shipments will be effected ex our warehouse. We take care for the organization/ execution of the transport, unless otherwise agreed. The purchaser will be invoiced with the costs for transport, packing and transport insurance. The risks are to be carried by the recipient once the goods have been loaded or - if a pickup is agreed - with information that the goods are ready for pick up. We are neither liable for loss nor damage during transportation, regardless of who, is charged with the costs. Goods informed as ready for dispatch must immediately be released, otherwise we are authorized to store the goods at our own decision and at the purchaser's costs and risks and then to calculate the price of the goods ex works. This is also valid if dispatch is impossible through no fault of our own or if the purchaser fails to collect the goods punctually through a fault of his own.

2. Delivery times: We make every effort to ensure delivery times which have been agreed.
Fixed appointments require our written confirmation. The start of a given delivery time from our side automatically assumes the clearing-up of all technical questions as well as the punctual fulfillment of all obligations by the customer according to the regulations. The exception of an unfulfilled contract is subject to change. Should the delivery time be exceeded, the purchaser is obliged to set us a useful time limit. We are entitled to part-deliveries and part-performance at all times. The buyer is entitled to the right to withdraw from the contract due to a delayed delivery or an impossibility to deliver only after the end of the time extension has been exceeded. This applies however only to goods which have not yet been delivered unless the buyer can prove that he has no possible use for a part-fulfillment of the contract. The purchaser is not allowed, as far as legally permitted to put in a claim due to a delayed or impossible delivery. Unforeseen circumstances such as operational disturbances, a shortage of raw materials, transport disruptions, regulatory orders, currency changes, war, industrial disputes or other cases of strong violence free us for the duration of the disruption and for the extent of their repercussions from our delivery obligations. Circumstances such as these allow us to withdraw either wholly or partly from the contract.

3. Dispatch: The choice of dispatch type and mode of dispatch will take place according to our best judgement.

4. Transportation insurance: Generally, we insure all deliveries against loss and damage during transportation and for this we calculate a fee of 1 % of the value of the goods. We only renounce upon closing an insurance contract on explicit instructions from the purchaser.

5. Damages in transit: Any externally-visible damages must be acknowledged, before releasing the goods, by an appropriate notation and confirmation on the delivery receipt from the transport person. Claims for compensation can only be carried out if this attestation is provided. Additionally, we as consignor of the goods have to be notified immediately. The shipment must be checked on completeness of the parcels before confirming the acceptance document, differences have to be acknowledged by the transport person immediately.


6. Default of acceptance: Should the purchaser be considered to be in default of acceptance or if he culpably breaches other obligations to cooperate, we are entitled to claim any damages caused to us, including any additional costs. Further claims remain subject to change. If the preceding conditions are existent, the risk of an accidental loss or deterioration of the purchased item is transferred to the purchaser at the time, in which he got into default of acceptance for debtor’s default.


IV. Warranty and notification of defects

1. Warranty rights: The purchaser's warranty rights assume that he has satisfied the appraisal and reproval conditions precedent to liability according to the regulations set out in § 377 HGB. Despite our upmost of care, if complaints should be detected, it is necessary to report apparent defects immediately at the latest within 14 days upon receipt of the goods, and subsurface defects immediately upon detection according to § 377 HGB. Otherwise the goods will be declared as approved.

2. Limitation: Claims come under the statute of limitations 12 months after we have delivered the goods to the purchaser. 

3. Claims on defects: Claims have no grounds if differences to the agreed composition are insignificant, if impairment to usage is only minor, through natural wear and tear as with damages, which come about after the passing of risk as a result of wrongful or careless use, excessive operational demands, improper application or due to special external circumstances, which are not laid out in the contract. You are unable to put into a claim for defects and the consequences if the purchaser or a third party carries out improper repair work or changes.

4. Repairs/Replacement goods: Despite our upmost of care, should a defect be proven, which was present at the time of the passing of risk, we will either repair the goods or deliver a replacement (decided by us), subject to notification of defects within the specified time. The opportunity to carry out repairs/replacement within an appropriate period is always to be given to us.

5. Recourse agreement: A refund of essential expenditures on the purchaser's part are barred, especially with regard to transport, travel, work and material costs. This applies as far as expenditure increases because the goods delivered by us have been sent retrospectively to a place which is not the purchaser's branch, unless the off-site disposal complies with the usage according to the regulations. The purchaser's rights of recourse against us may only exist as long as he has not met any transcend agreements with his recipient, which exceed the legal requirements. Point IV.3 applies accordingly for the range of the purchaser's rights of recourse against us.

6. Withdrawal from contract/Abatement: Should the repair fail, the purchaser can - irrespective of any compensation claims - withdraw from the contract or reduce the price. Compensation for any futile expenses cannot be claimed for.

7. Warranty: In the case of fraudulent concealment of a defect or in the case of the acceptance of a warranty for the condition of the goods at the time of the passing of risk in terms of § 444 BGB (the seller's declaration that the object of purchase has a certain property during the passing of risk and that the seller, independent of negligence, is prepared to take responsibility for all consequences of his defects) the purchaser's rights act solely in accordance with legal regulations. Advanced or other regulated claims by the purchaser against us and our assignees due to any insufficiency, which are not stated here in section IV, are excluded.


V. Withdrawal from the contract and return consignment

Any return of goods must be approved by us before doing so. For return shipments on our expenses, the minimum-cost mode of transport is to choose. In particular, the freight costs have to be in a reasonable proportion to the value of goods. We are entitled to a claim for damages amounting to 15 % should a purchaser withdraw from the contract without autho- rization. We have the right to establish a higher claim for damages. It remains the right of the purchaser to establish that either no damages or a slighter damage have occrued. Custom-made products or special designs cannot be returned.


VI. Payment conditions

Our invoices are payable in the currency stated on the invoice. If no other agreement concerning method of payment has been made, payments have to be made in advance. Should payment on invoice be delayed, we will charge interest on arrears at 1 % monthly. If payment for export orders is not effected by using IBAN or SWIFT, we charge bank fees, bill of exchange charges or other costs at our expense further to the customers.


VII. Reservation of proprietary rights on goods

1. Goods subject to retention of title: The delivered goods remain our property until they have been paid for in full - this applies also for future claims out of the business relationship. The buyer is free to decide what to do with the delivered goods under the reservation of proprietary rights within the frame of his business according to the regulations. Should the goods delivered under the reservation of proprietary rights be sold solely or together with goods not belonging to us, the buyer assigns all claims resulting from the resale of the reserved goods including all ancillary rights up to the amount of the goods under the reservation of proprietary rights, to us. As soon as existing business relations exist between us and the buyer, the reserved property is effective as security for the respective balance of account from preceding business transactions. The buyer is not authorized for transfer by way of security or the pledging of proviso goods. The buyer is committed to let us know as soon as possible should a third party attempt to access the proviso goods.

2. Release: We are authorized to demand the release of reserved goods. The customer can not assert the right of retention and he automatically grants a permit to allow the from us authorized persons to enter the area where the reserved goods are to be found and explains, that the goods do not serve as the maintenance of his profession or business enterprise.


VIII. Court of jurisdiction

Contractual relationships are solely subject to the Federal Republic of Germany. The applica­tion of UN-purchasing rights is excluded. Our company residence or a place chosen by us acts as jurisdiction for full-traders, for persons who do not have general jurisdiction in Germany as well as for persons who have moved their abode or normal residence abroad or whose abode or usual residence at the time of the filing of suit is unknown. The usual contractual conditions keep their validity if there is a partial inefficacy of our general conditions of delivery and payment.